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"The only friend, which you can have on this word is the one who never leaves you,
the one which isn't ungrateful or insidious, is a dog.
It kisses a hand which cannot give him food, it licks wounds sustain in the clash with the brutal world.
When all friends are gone he will stay."

// George G. Vest


My love in TTB I started with Graphy. Through him began my fascination with American Staffordshire Terrier, which is continued to this day... It was January 2005, when a small puppy with a big heart came into my hands. Our common journey through life unfortunately lasted for a short time, only two years. Frosty January day 2007 will be in my memory forever, the day when I looked into the eyes of my friend and I kwown that it was last look ... look fll love, despair, hope. Look of dog, which says goodbye to his owner...

June 2007 - comes to us Kentaki - KENTUCKY JACK, true-born AST. With him I started shows and real cynology experience. He showed me what is a true character and terrier temperament. My first steps on the shows I put with him , it's in my hands he has won the following titles: Interchampion, JCh of Poland, Ch of Poland, Ch of Slovakia Ch of Servia, Ch of Ukraine and Ch of Romania and excellent results in Poland and on abroad. Kentaki is also tested stud dog in Poland and foreign kennels with great results. As kennel we started in October 2008 when the FCI registered Coyote Ugly. In December 2011 joined to us a great girl with a wonderful temperament and character ELUPITA RAMOSS Canossa.

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Iwona Kulig


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